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Homemade Carrot Cream

1. Before put the carrot and coconut oil in the pot, you need to wash 2 carrots and grate them, and add the coconut oil. you can take 300g of coconut oil. Boil over low heat until the carrot smell disappears. what you need next to filter out the mixture.

2. Please take the 100% cotton cheesecloth as a filter for a better result. 100% cotton fabric towel can be used too.

3. Cut the quantity of cheesecloth you need and place it on the top of your clean bowl.

4.Start to filter out the mixture.

5. Squeeze the clothes with the carrots.

6. Put that mixture contained on the bowl in the fridge for at last 45 minutes.

7 After 45 minutes, blend the mixture from the fridge with a mixer.

8.Stop mixing when you have the butter texture as on the picture.

9.Your cream is ready. Put it in the container with a lid.

10. You can use your homemade cream on your body, hair or face. Enjoy it!!!

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2 Kommentare

Brenda Oppon
Brenda Oppon
09. Juli 2020

This is very helpful and you did very well. I try it myself. I love the step by step instruction.

Gefällt mir

Aliko soap
Aliko soap
28. Jan. 2019

Please let me know how did you do, and if it is helpful.

Gefällt mir
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