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    About Aliko'Soap

 After many years of Biochemistry and in the packaging area, Aliko soaps were created in my kitchen following my children's allergies after a daily using of the supermarket soaps.

Aliko Soaps are handmade based soaps with vegetable oils only. They are very gentle, soft and smooth on the skin (5% -8%  of Superfat).

I am a mother, and I want the best for my family. That is why all the soaps sold on the site are handmade with simple and natural products. My soaps are products based on natural dyes and natural fragrances.

Also, soaps can be made for special events like wedding gifts or "baby shower" for guests. An email with your preferences will make your wishes real.


My wonderful homemade bombs bath are very relaxing and fun for everyone in the family.

Objective: share my love of  the simplicity and the beauty of  the nature.

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